The Ultimate Webinar Funnel 

A powerful funnel that works perfectly for live and automated webinars
 to generate more registrations, attendees and conversions


  • Full Kartra Campaign
  • Pages, Emails, Sequences, Affiliate Program
  • Increase Webinar Sales
  • Save 40+ hours of setup
  • Works with Live or Automated
  • Use WebinarJam/Everwebinar
  • Webinar software that connects to Zapier


What's Included

  • 14 Pages

  • 3 Email Sequences

  • 11 Tags

  • 1 Helpdesk

  • 1 Membership Area

  • 1 Email List

  • 1 Email Broadcast

  • Affiliate Sign Up

  • Affiliate Tools

I've sold over $600k USD in courses online using Webinars and this powerful funnel. It's been refined and refined over the last year to get more and more conversions.

Once you have branded everything included as your own, all you need to do is send your list or even cold Facebook Traffic to this funnel and watch the course sales come in.

Everything has been set up for you from all the pages, membership area, marketing automation sequences, helpdesk, broadcast emails, tagging the lot.

This is a unique proven funnel that you just cannot buy anywhere else. 

As with all my funnels for sale, they are designed to work with Kartra, the All in One Marketing Platform I highly recommend and personally use. If you don't already have an account they start at just $99 USD per month. Kartra is definitely one the best software to create, market and sell online courses!

A Complete Course Selling System

Every page, form and email is included and ready for you to adjust to your own brand.

A proven way to market & sell your courses or membership programs

This Kartra campaign is ready to sell courses consistently by using Webinars and automated email follow up sequences.

    All pages look great on Tablets and Cell Phones for maximum conversions.

    The post Webinar follow up sequence responds dynamically to attendees actions to deliver the perfect message at the perfect time.

    Built in exist pop ups to get people to sign up for your Webinar or list to increase conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get about the Webinar Course Selling Funnel answered for you,
 but if you have a different question, just click on the help icon to get in touch.

Do I have to have Kartra in order to use this Funnel?

Yes. This funnel is designed 100% in Kartra and designed to be imported into your own Kartra account. You can still purchase this funnel and then go and sign up for Kartra afterwards though.

Once I've bought the Webinar Course Selling Funnel what happens?

Once you've bought the funnel you will receive an email immediately with a secret code that enables you to import the entire funnel into your Kartra account like magic :-)

What do I need to do to get it all working?

Once it's imported into your own account you may want to put it onto your own custom domain and then you will need to change the branding to your own. You can then adjust copy , dates, emails and countdown timers as required.

What Webinar Software does this Funnel work with?

 Best to use Webinarjam as it is also made by Genesis Digital, the company behind Kartra and so integration is seamless. However, there is nothing to stop you also using any other Webinar platform so long as you can add Tags based on what the attendee did and it can connect to Zapier.

Can I use the Webinar Funnel more than once?

Once the funnel is imported into your Karta account, it can be duplicated as many times as you want and used for multiple products or services. The only thing you can't do is re-share it to other people's Kartra accounts.

Do you provide any support if I get stuck?

We offer full support specific to this funnel to help you get it up and running but any issues with using Kartra itself you can use their own support team.

Are there any tutorial videos on how to use this Funnel and get it up and running?

Absolutely. I have several videos on this funnel alone to help you hit the ground running. Every step you need to take is covered so you can move quickly to start selling your course or membership.

After I have purchased, how quickly could I get start selling my course or membership?

Once you have edited the funnel to your own branding and content you will be ready to go. I would estimate it would only take a day or so.

Will this funnel work to sell my course/membership?

As long as your Webinar is good and your offer right, this funnel will work brilliantly to automatically convert your attendees to buyers. It has helped me sell over $400k in course in different niches.

Will this funnel save me some time?

Yes. It will save you a HUGE amount of time, stress and complications that will likely result in you giving up on creating an awesome webinar funnel.